What can BodyShots teach you?

The art of Boxing


Disciplined Aggression

Boxing is a sport predominately about a concept rarely, if ever, heard known as “Disciplined Aggression.”


Skill & Heart

Fighters don’t fight out of emotion but rather out of the highest degree of confidence, skill, talent and instinct. They fight out of something called ’Heart’ which is a combination of willpower, grit and determination


Understanding Boxing

Learning and “Understanding” what boxing is about. Including the 10 priorities of boxing and a showcase of footwork drills and punch combinations. 


Benefits of Boxing

Goals – In boxing, children are taught how to set goals for themselves. Maybe the trainer is pushing them to decrease their running time, or how to increase strength. 

Focus – Boxing is a very physically demanding sport that requires focus. Trainers teach fundamental forms and test their mental strength to the max! 

Self Defense – Learning fighting punches such as jabs, uppercuts, hooks, and crosses can prepare your child to defend themselves if need be. 

Respect –  Boxing can teach children how to respect their peers and authority. Trainers also teach self-respect and encourage kids to carry themselves in a positive manner at all times 

Builds confidence – Encouraging young people and constantly giving them positive affirmations can be very healthy. 


About Bodyshots Academy

Bodyshots Boxing Academy offers an education pathway for students between the ages of fourteen and sixteen who need an alternative to mainstream.

Our unique model offers intense mentoring and support for young people, placing them in a class of eight students with a dedicated boxer who acts as mentor, teacher support and coach throughout their stay with us. They develop a strong relationship that provides a foundation from which the student can embark upon a positive cycle of achievement.

We use the beneficial effects of sport to empower our students, teach them to manage their anger, give them confidence in their learning and direct them towards further education, training or employment.

Our Coaches

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